Your home is a sanctuary for most people. After a long day at work, worship or play coming home to a safe quiet place decorated to suit your comfort is a relief from all of life’s demands, but if your windows are damaged your comfort level is greatly reduced. A home window boise id installation expert may be the solution for your dilemma.

How Long Before New Windows are Installed?

When you determine that you need new windows, you’ll need to select a window installation contractor. First, your contractor will need to measure each window that needs to be replaced and order your new windows. From the date of measuring, it will take four to eight weeks before they will be installed. Most contractors will complete window installation for an entire home within a single day. They work year-round in all types of weather. In either mid-summer or mid-winter, the technicians will remove and install one window at a time to conserve energy.

Installation of an Individual Window

Each window will require approximately 30 minutes removing and installing the main frame. Additional trim work and cleanup will need more time. Still, the average window replacement job is completed in one day. Technicians are trained to conserve the homeowner’s energy usage, so only one window is removed and installed at a time.

Preparing for New Window Installations

Preparing for a window replacement job requires that the homeowner do some prep work. The homeowner should remove any window treatments from the window to be replaced. All drapes, blinds and shades should be taken down. Any decorations attached to the nearby walls should also be removed, so that it doesn’t inadvertently get shaken or knocked down while the workmen are removing or installing the new window. Also, while the workmen are present remove any window sensors attached to security alarms.

Basic Facts of New Window Installations

Despite the fact that homeowners are encouraged to remove window coverings and wall hangings from walls near the window, all installations are started and completed from the outside of the home. The window installers clean up after themselves when they complete their work. Most installers offer financing for their windows and work. If payment is a concern, contact the window contractor and apply for their financing terms.

Window Replacement Warranties

Before hiring your window contractor, find out what kind of warranty they offer for their windows. You’ll want to know what parts are covered. You’ll also want to know if the warranty is transferrable if you sell your home and if it is prorated. A prorated warranty may cover the windows 100% in the first ten years, 50% in the years eleven to fifteen and 25% in the years sixteen to twenty. You’ll also want to know what coverage there is for component parts like weatherstripping, lifts, handles, locks, insect screens, hinges and balance systems.

Replacing your home windows is a once in a lifetime decision for most people. Make an informed decision after you have considered the type of window you want: insulated, dual pane, triple pane, etc. Compare the prices, the installation time, and the warranty and make the best choice for you and your family.