As the summer draws to a close and usher in fall, you may need to undertake some repairs or inspection on your roof, especially after this past summer that was characterized by hurricanes and strong winds. Finding a good roofer may not be a big problem at all as there are numerous of them out there. However, selecting a well-qualified and reputable roofer can be such a daunting task in Denver, particularly given the fact that they all advertise themselves as competitive and professional enough to do a good job. There are, however, a set of criteria that you can work with in the bid to find a suitable roofing contractor denver, co who would do an excellent job or your re-roofing or roofing repairs.

Licenses and Permits

One of the things that you should look out for is whether the roofer is properly licensed and has an operating permit to practice in your area. As required by the state and federal law, roofing companies should be properly licensed. Part of the license involves having qualified as a roofing engineer and having the right set of operational machinery required including well-qualified personnel. The Colorado state government regulations require roofing companies to renew their licenses from time to time, therefore acting as a check and balance to ensure that only the best-qualified roofing companies are enlisted to operate.


You should also endeavor to check the roofing company’s reputation in the market. They are various platforms you can check for a company’s reputation including the Better Business Bureau website from where you can check various details of interest concerning the company. The site provides, among other things, details relating to the company’s establishment and operation in the area while enlisting companies in accordance to market standings.

Also, you can also check the company’s reputation through common platforms such as Google which provides an average customer rating and other reviews. A good company rating is an indication that the company is reputable enough and will that do a good job if contracted.


When it comes to finding a good reputable company among the many that practice in the market, nothing can be more convincing and compelling than getting references and referrals of people who have been served before. When seeking appropriate references, you can endeavor to visit the company and ask for some whom you should call or visit to assess and consult on the nature of work that the company did for the customer. Successful referrals would most probably land you in a good deal.


Whereas often disregarded, there is a need to verify whether the roofing company is appropriately insured.  Working with a company that is not insured would imply that you would be responsible for any resultant property damages or injuries of workers when repairing your roof.  Averting such a liability requires you to check with the company whether it is appropriately insured. It would also be worthy to verify with the insurance company that the roofers’ workers are appropriately insured to avoid instances of insurance fraud or issuance of misleading information by the company.