Plumbing is considered one of the necessary houses finishing activities that render the house habitable. Plumbers are well trained on the art of plumbing and work within the confines of their profession to ensure that the house is free of plumbing errors that can lead to leakages. Most homeowners, however, normally employ some do-it-yourself ideas that they fetch from the internet. Such fixes are often ineffective and can lead to consequent errors that may prove costly at some point in time. Here are some of the plumbing errors which, although rare, can make a house feasibly uninhabitable and inhospitable.


Plumbing leaks are normally as a result of poor pipework and pipe joints that are not well affixed to contain water pressure. Such leakages normally lead to loss of huge volumes of water and consequently incur some additional costs in various ways. The leaked water, for instance, increases the monthly utility bills. Such leakages also reduce the water pressure, therefore implying that water supply in various parts of the house, especially those above ground level, gets cut off. Also, such leakages occurring in parts of the house that are inaccessible lead to damages of various proportions. For instance, leaked water can dissolve off water-based paintwork on the walls as well as causing roofing timber to imbibe and therefore loss of its structural integrity.


Blockages along pipework usually occur mainly as a result of an accidental introduction of solid foreign material inside the pipes. In some cases, such blockages can occur during the plumbing process where plumbers forget to inspect the pipes before making connections. Such blockages can sometimes be hard to detect, therefore causing a nightmare upon the home occupants. They also cut off the water supply in certain areas of the house, therefore requiring the occupant to manually fetch and supply water to sustain a comfortable living.

In some cases, blockages can even lead to consequent degradation of the pipework, which may ultimately cause some pipes to explode and leak water. Whereas it is advisable for the homeowner to seek any commercial plumbing services modesto ca in the event of such blockages for expert troubleshooting, most homeowners try to employee do-it-yourself diagnostic measures, thereby worsening the situation even further.


Corrosion is a major enemy of plumbing. For hygienic purposes, most water meant for human consumption is normally supplied in appropriate pipe work that is properly galvanized to prevent such corrosion. However, some common mistakes in plumbing can render the entire metallic pipework prone to corrosion, thereby contaminating water. This is particularly common in cases where homeowners seek to make common plumbing fixes on their own without technical knowledge of the do’s and don’ts thereof.

A common mistake that leads to corrosion, for example, is instances where individuals may repair galvanized piping, making it come into contact with copper pipes without the necessary use of dielectric unions. Such amateur pipework compromises the entire metallic piping leading to internal corrosion. Such an issue can only be remediated by replacing the entire pipework, something that incurs additional costs.