Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing.

A more effective way of marketing a product is now being introduced to the world of business and this has been brought by the modernization that is happening in the industry right now. The new way of marketing a product is called the Inbound Marketing. If you happen to be interested about the effect of Inbound marketing to the industry right now and how it changed the traditional way of marketing a product, then you should read more here.

If you happen to be a customer or a client, then you surely do not wat to get interrupted. Remember how you have received calls from marketers while you were attending that urgent meeting, or that ad that came on TV just before the climax of the movie was about to start? I’m sure a lot of people find these kinds of interruptions very frustrating and annoying.

Nevertheless, despite of the fact that marketing calls and marketing ads may cause interruption and delays to what you are doing, it will eventually lead you to remembering the product and eventually buy it as soon as you remember it. However, when you talk about Outbound Marketing, then it is about the sales which are produced by the percentage of those who see the ads and receive the calls of marketing personnel. This type of process somehow have wasted the money of the business since the business still needs to reach out to people without having an assurance if the people are going to buy what they see on the ads or not. Another reason why these processes are waste of money since users are now capable of blocking calls from people that they want to block, so it is like reaching to someone without knowing that they have already blocked you. Even the direct messages which are being sent to the users will just eventually lead to the junk mail folder. There are reports that people have also developed a blindness towards most of the ads that are shown on television. It is indeed annoying to receive cold calls too. As you can see, the outbound method of marketing is losing its sheen rapidly.

Inbound Marketing on the other hand, is not an interruptive strategy at all. The good thing about Inbound Marketing is that, you do not need to chase the attention of your costumers or users but instead, you should use a strategy for them to be attracted to you. Rather than accepting cold calls and interrupting advertisements, the users can be able to receive a value from the product which would eventually lead them to buy and get attracted to the marketed product. The value which the users receive is like a an important content which would surely help them in different ways. In this modern world, more customers are now relying to the internet for different problems. Inbound relies on solving their problems or giving them valuable information first, and building up engagement with them afterwards.
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